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This is an announcement

Miki here.

If you’re one of our long time followers, you may have noticed that we haven’t been posting much.

More specifically, Annabelle hasn’t been posting at all.

The truth is, Annabelle and I haven’t talked in almost a year. We’re no longer friends.

It was really hard for both of us. But things happened, and I made the decision, for my own mental health, that our relationship was bad for both of us. I told Annabelle this, and we haven’t talked since them.

It’s been hard. Suddenly, the person who you always texted, shared everything with, never went a day without talking to, was gone. But we had different priorities in life, and we both put things before the other. Neither of us were being good friends anymore.

I don’t know if Annabelle even looks at this blog anymore. But if she sees this, I’m sorry, darling. You know what I wanted for you. You aren’t going to find what you’re looking for until you give up some things.

I’ve moved on. I have some truly amazing friends now. New best friends. I feel better than I have in years. 

The moral of this story is sometimes you have to let go. You have to do something right for you over someone else. You have to have the maturity to recognize this. 

I love you all, darlings. Life gets better as long as you make it better.



Anonymous asked: I really like this guy. Hes famous though. We met about 3 months ago when he was on break be4 going to LA to start preforming. He told me a lot about himself, & things he hasn't even shared with anyone else. I slept with him, & then started backing away. We got into a face to face fight and he told me that it was because he is scared of commitment & likes me to much. I haven' seen him since then, & then he moved to la, & he hasnot talked to me since. Alsohe called me easy, and a slut. what now?

Darling, I’m so sorry, but you got played.

Of course, you’re trying to tell yourself “No, I didn’t!!!!” but you did. Sorry.

This guy is a grade A douche. He was only trying to have sex with you and acted sensitive to do so. He’s scared of commitment because then he knows he has to change and stop sleeping around. 

He’s trying to avoid you, and called you those things because he wanted to drive you away in case you are a clinger. 

I am really, really sorry darling, but you got played. What I’m guessing he was trying to do was see if he could do it before he left of LA. 

But I promise you, you aren’t easy or a slut. You’re fantastic and wonderful.

Don’t let your self-confidence take a dive from this, honey. Learn from it and move on.



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